Designing A Unique Client Experience As A Small Business

As a small business, one of the biggest decisions to make is what kind of customer experience you’ll be providing during and after your buying process.  The smart small business recognizes that they bring tons of value to their marketplace and makes a strategic decision to provide massive value to increase their client’s perception of value while increasing their profits as a result.

Below, you’ll find one of the key components to creating the ultimate client experience, the first impression. If you implement these strategies, you will immediately increase the value to your clients and be able to charge them what you’re really worth.

You see, its all about positioning.  Starbucks positions themselves as a more valued coffee alternative than the coffee at your local gas station.  However, where most people get it wrong is that they want to have a “premium service or product” without adding the extra customer value to consider themselves premium.

With that in mind, lets talk about what the average client experience for real estate, mortgage, insurance and financial professionals looks like.

First of all, the customer walks into your office and is most likely greeted by the receptionist.  Usually they are told that their advisor will be right with them.

After several minutes (or more), the advisor comes fumbling in and asks their client to follow them to the office.  Once there, business begins and the worst interview in the history of business takes place; what’s your birth date, social security number, how many children, where do you work, how much do you make, how much have you saved up…


However, here is how the experience goes when clients work with a “premium” product or service provider.

Client walks in and is immediately greeted by name (receptionist was already informed of who will be coming in and at what time) while they see a nice looking sign in the receptionist area saying “YOUR SMALL BUSINESS” welcomes “Insert Client Name Here”.  Already, there is a different feeling about the place.

Next, the receptionist hands over a drink and snack menu to the clients and asks if they would like something to drink or something to snack on during the consultation with their advisor.  (Premium service means anticipating that the clients either scheduled the appointment during lunch or dinner and hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in order to make the appointment).

Next, the trusted advisor comes to the reception area to greet their clients and walks them to the conference room or office where there is a nice piece of chocolate waiting for them. They engage in friendly conversation (while taking notes for later marketing use) and go into the application process in a relaxed atmosphere.

That is what experience marketing and creating unique client experiences are all about. Surprisingly, there aren’t many trusted advisor, or even businesses in general, providing this type of premium service.  However, if you decide to implement this strategy, you will become someone that your clients will talk to others about, and referrals will begin showering over you!

Of course, this is just one of many pieces of the puzzle, but it at least shines a light to what’s available.

As a small business wanting to service premium clients/customers, how can you implement a unique client experience that will WOW your clients and get you steady referrals in your business? Comment below.

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